Welcome to the website of Green Eggs by Toddy Willis

Green Eggs is a culinary exploration for the soul.

Through simplicity and a combinaiton of different ingredients, Green Eggs is a quick and easy treat for cooks & non-cooks alike.

What I like most about Green Eggs is it's Simplicity & Taste

Each recipe has been hand made, styled, garnished, tasted and fed to friends & family to ensure that you the reader receives only the best of the best!

The mind does not know what the tongue wants, and international chef, Luke Clark just can't get enough of these fantastic green eggs as he puts them on his menu around the world. Feedback from his customers has been fantastic!

I am currently seeking expresisons of interest from international publishers for this fantastic new book. Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like to go on the pre-order list for this book.

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